2018 AEHIT Board Chair and Vice Chair

AEHIT is pleased to announce that Mark Amey, Associate CIO, UC San Diego Health, will serve as the AEHIT Board Chair and Clint Perkinson, CTO, Beebe Healthcare, will serve as AEHIT Board Vice Chair for 2018. We would also like to extend our thanks to Matthew Werder for his service as AEHIT Board Chair in 2017.

Mark Amey previously served as the AEHIT Board Vice Chair in 2017, and helped grow AEHIT through key relationships with member prospects in Southern California. Mark has been a CHIME member for over five years, and an AEHIT Member since its inception.


Clint Perkinson previously served as the AEHIT Collaborative Relationships committee, and was responsible for establishing several key foundation partnerships that have helped grow partnerships across AEHIT, and its sister organizations AEHIS and AEHIA. Clint has been an AEHIT member since its inception.