AEHIT Dues & You

By Mark Amey, AEHIT Board Chair, and Chris Cook, Vice President of AEHIT

From its inception, AEHIT was founded to help advocate for the role of healthcare information technology leaders, chiefly the CTO. Through our partnerships in the industry, our online education, and other methods of collaboration and communication, we’ve seen many successes in the last four years. In that time, our association has thrived. 

In 2017, we increased membership by around 50 percent and continue to grow, surpassing 475 members in early 2018. We launched our AEHITechnology Newsletter, AEHIT Interact, a listserv for our members to share information and network, new committees to help lead the way on industry-changing initiatives and have partnered with industry leaders to help advocate for best practices and share our wealth of knowledge. We’ve also begun to advocate and provide commentary on behalf of our members to support best practices for healthcare IT in Washington, D.C., making our first forays into public policy. Through our online education, we’ve kept you up to date on best practices, new technologies and solutions, and case studies of successful CTOs. 

Surveys, feedback from our membership, and media coverage prove that the CTO, CAO and CISO are indispensable and help drive critical functions within healthcare IT. These roles continue to expand across the industry in both scope and expectations. Thinking ahead to what AEHIT might look like years down the road, there are countless opportunities for us to expand and do more for technology leaders and executives. In 2018, AEHIT will expand its reach into public policy, investigate a healthcare-specific credential or certification program that will recognize the unique challenges in the industry, and continue to increase educational resources and information sharing, helping members navigate these turbulent times in our industry. 

To achieve this end, we ask for commitment from our members to make this happen. Since 2014, AEHIT has been supported by its parent organization, CHIME. This was a strategic initiative of CHIME, with the full backing of the CIOs to enable their next level of leaders, including the CTO; the association is not currently self-sustaining, though. A strategic goal set in 2017 is to get AEHIT to a self-sustaining model so we can continue to expand and transform the association at this critical time in healthcare IT. We are confident that in 2018 we now are ready to take that next step forward as we mature as an organization, and we hope you’ll show us your commitment in return. 

Many AEHIT members have chosen to renew already – notices have been sent out to those with accounts expiring from January to May. As the year rolls on, you’ll receive a notice asking you to renew at least two months in advance. We hope you’ll join us in the evolution of this wonderful organization as we look to help information technology leaders and executives transform healthcare. Annual AEHIT membership dues will be set to $99. 

We sincerely hope that you see the value AEHIT has brought to your professional development, and your institution, and we hope you will continue to maintain your membership with us. If you have any questions or concerns, the AEHIT Board would appreciate your feedback. Let’s stay engaged and make this association a strong voice for healthcare IT leadership! For more information about renewals, visit our membership landing page here, or email AEHIT staff with questions or concerns at [email protected]

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