Healthbot – How to Empower Healthcare Organizations to Build and Deploy AI-powered Technology

Date: 08/16/2019
Event Type: AEHIT LIVE , Archived
Session Speaker(s):

Clint Adkins, Coretek Practice Leader Cloud Services

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Event Information

Bots can empower healthcare organizations to build and deploy an AI-powered, compliant, conversational healthcare experience at scale. The service combines built-in medical intelligence with natural language capabilities, extensibility tools and compliance constructs, allowing healthcare organizations to give people access to trusted and relevant healthcare services and information.

* Deliver intelligent, conversational healthcare experiences at scale
* Empower healthcare organizations to build and extend intelligent health assistants
* Leverage secure and compliant platforms

The goal of the session is;
* Share lessons learned deploying Bot technical at a large IDN.
* Have an open dialogue to share thoughts on if this technology provides value.
* Discuss when it makes sense and when it might not to use a Bot technology.