The Arch Collaborative

Date: 02/15/2018
Event Type: AEHIT LIVE , Archived
Session Speaker(s):

Bob Cash - VP Provider Relations, KLAS Enterprises Taylor Davis - VP of Strategy and Analysis, KLAS Enterprises  

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Event Information

AEHIT partners with AEHIA Live Third Thursday events to present KLAS' 'Arch Collaborative'. Much is being said about clinician dissatisfaction with EHR use and performance-and perhaps rightly so. But, are there organizations who have found ways to better utilize and maximize the functionality of their EHR and if so, what are they doing and who and/or what is to "blame" for their success?

In early 2017, KLAS Research began working with a few courageous provider organizations to explore these and other questions. A standard survey was administered directly to clinicians asking for their feedback on their own efforts to strengthen EHR utility, the strength of their organization in that same quest, and the impact of the EHR itself in creating an optimal experience. Now, with over 17,000 responses, trends and tips in successful use of EHRs are available and telling.