Change Management: It’s Not Just About Technology

Date: 02/10/2016
Event Type: AEHIT LIVE , Archived
Session Speaker(s):

Greg Wolverton, CIO, ARcare/KentuckyCare
Ellen Swoger, Associate CIO, University of Mississippi Medical Center
Kathy Ross, MBA, CHCIO, VP & CIO, Sacred Heart Health System

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Event Information

Today, senior IT Leaders are be expected to be expert change agents focusing on workflow and processes in addition to technology and systems.  Deployment and managing of technology and systems can only be effective with focused attention on the intersections of people, and process and technology. This includes understanding the impact that technology has on operational processes, clinical practice and staff roles. This session explores integrated change management principles and stakeholder involvement with technology deployment.
Learning Objectives:
  • Describe the characteristics of an effective change agent and key principles for success with technology and systems deployment
  • Identify key challenges and pitfalls that can occur when change management is not effectively used and discuss proactive ways to minimize these issues
  • Discuss case study scenarios of effective change management approaches that resulted in successful systems and technology deployment with satisfied end users