Online Focus Group: Operationalizing Clinical IoT for IT & SecOps

Date: 12/05/2018
Event Type: AEHIT LIVE , Archived
Session Speaker(s):

Anand Srinivas PhD, CTO, Nyansa, Inc.

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Event Information

With the growing number of IoT and diverse set of networked devices being adopted in healthcare, this focus group will discuss a new approach to providing healthcare IT groups centralized visibility into devices within provider environments. The key focus will be characterizing and classifying device behavior around performance and connectivity, detecting anomalies, and finally identifying any security risks they might exhibit. 

We’ll discuss the core solution features we’re planning with the goal of hearing first hand, the true pain points healthcare IT and security professionals are looking to address.

Learning Objectives

(1) Get a better understanding around the urgency of the problem in healthcare IT and how providers tackle this today, as well as the various personalities and groups responsible for championing and managing new IoT classes of devices for providers. 

(2) Which of the features we are planning to introduce are more critical for the problem at hand, and ultimately, what’s more critical to solve first 

(3) Understand the key challenges a solution like this might face in the healthcare market - and learn directly from the focus group how best to articulate the message and value proposition.