Organizational Leaders Membership Helps CIOs and CTOs Build High Performance Teams

Candace Stuart, Director, Communications & Public Relations
Spenser Staebler, Specialist, Membership & Professional Development

Dhrumil (Dhruv) Shah, MD, didn’t have to look far to see the value in enrolling his team leads into CHIME’s new Organizational Leaders Membership program. Merely recalling his own experiences at a CMIO Leadership Academy and CHIME’s other educational, professional development and networking events sufficed.

“Exposure in different settings to like-minded individuals has done a lot of good for me in my role in my organization and my organization has seen the benefit of that,” Shah said. CMIO at Compass Medical, he also functions as CIO. He realized an Organizational Leaders Membership would allow Compass to extend CHIME’s benefits to his direct reports and others who aspire to be healthcare IT leaders. It would help him build a strong and cohesive team – and support them in their career journeys at the same time.

“For many organizations, trying to manage the sheer forces of regulatory burden, or healthcare IT changes or the market forces, you depend on your team,” Shah said. “I rely on my data scientist and my security engineers and my security officer. But who is contributing to better futures for them?”

CHIME created the Organizational Leaders Membership program to help members who want to involve their teams in CHIME and AEHIT’s education and collaboration opportunities. Many members have their direct reports on board through the corporate senior IT executive classification, and through CHIME’s sister associations, AEHIS, AEHIT and AEHIA. This membership option packages everyone in one payment, empowering the whole team with CHIME, AEHIT, AEHIS, and AEHIA’s resources.

Compass Medical joined the program earlier this year and Shah already has plans for maximizing their benefits. He envisions group participation in webinars and focus groups, for instance, followed by team discussions about takeaways and next steps. Or individuals can attend online events and then report back during monthly staff meetings. These activities align team members and foster collaboration. Clinicians involved in IT-related projects also might contribute, helping to break down silos in the system and facilitate interaction.

“Healthcare is a complicated industry but just because it is complicated doesn’t mean we should stay in a bubble,” Shah noted.

He is confident his team will find value in CHIME’s offerings. “The content at CHIME is especially relevant to what a healthcare organization should be focusing on,” he said.

Shah expects to send up to three team members to the CHIME Fall CIO Forum in November and hopes to give some the chance to remain for the Fall Healthcare CIO Boot Camp or – new this year, the Healthcare CISO Boot Camp. Just as he found as a CHIME member, they will have a chance to work with mentors, learn from the industry’s best, share ideas, network with peers and most likely make friendships that will last throughout their careers.

The organizational offering is available now. Please click here for more information and to begin filling out an application. The CHIME membership team will walk you through the process from there. Alternatively, you can send an email directly to Spenser Staebler at [email protected] if you have any questions about this new CHIME and AEHIT offering.

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